Christopher Silveri MD

Christopher P. Silveri, M.D.FAAOS

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  • Dr. Silveri, at Fair Oaks Hospital, performed the hospital's first robotic spine surgery

  • I would like to express my sincere appreciation for keeping me up and running. By - Martha Howar

  • After suffering back pain for over 50 years the pain it became unbearable. By - Bob Vandel

  • Dr Silveri performed the first case using the O-Arm 3-D Imaging at Fair Oaks Hospital. Exciting New Technology

  • Thanks for the GREAT WORK! Double Fusion Feb 4, 2003 MARATHON October 30, 2005 By - Tim Bergen

  • Ballroom Dancer Fully Recovers from Back Surgery,A Laminectomy and Three Vertebra Fusion By - Tom Woll

  • Thanks Dr. Silveri.

  • Washingtonian Top Doctor 2023

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Dr. Christopher Silveri is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in non-operative and operative treatment of spinal disorders as well as general orthopedic surgery. His practice consists of all age groups, and treats neck and back pain, arm and leg pain, numbness degenerative arthritis of the spine, disc problems, fractures and other spinal trauma, pinched nerves or other nerve injuries, deformity or curvature of the spine, scoliosis screening and treatment in children and adults, infections, cancer related illness, and complex reconstructive care of those patients who have previously undergone surgery.

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  • Back Injuries

    The spine, also called the backbone provides stability, smooth movement, and protects the delicate spinal cord. It consists of bony segments called vertebrae and fibrous tissue called intervertebral discs...Read More

  • Cervical Herniated Discs

    Cervical herniated disc is a condition that involves herniation of the cervical intervertebral discs. Herniation of a disc is an anomalous spine condition characterized by leakage ...Read More

  • Cervical Spine Disorders

    Cervical refers to the 7 vertebrae of the neck. The cervical spine consists of other anatomic structures including muscles, bones, ligaments, and joints. ..Read More

  • Degenerative Spine

    Degenerative spinal conditions are a group of disorders that cause the loss of the normal structure and function of the spine. These disorders may be caused due to aging, infection, tumors...Read More

  • Head and Neck Disorder

    Head and neck disorders include benign and malignant tumors, cysts, infections, trauma, and deformities affecting both adults and children. Read More

  • Herniated Disc

    A herniated disc, also called a bulging disc, ruptured disc or slipped disc, occurs when the inner core of the spinal disc pushes out through the outer layer of the disc....Read More

  • Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease

    Lumbar degenerative disc disease is characterized by the breakdown of intervertebral discs in the region of lumbar spine (lower back) ...Read More

  • Other Spine Surgery

    Cervical Thoracic Lumbar General


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  • Penn Medicine
  • American  Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  •  American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery
  • North American Spine Society
  • Georgetown University